The New Year begins…….

2014 started as 2013 ended, wet and windy.

For the first time ever, I am starting a year with 2 marathons planned with the support of a running clubs and the help that it provides.

I have decided upon the training plan which is a 4 day a week sub 4 hour plan which Action Aid offer to their athletes taking part in the  London Marathon.

Click to access marathon_schedule-1.pdf

I’m not totally bothered if I don’t go under 4 hours at Brighton.  It’s a huge chunk off my PB, which currently sits at 4 hours 20 minutes.  However, I am now a little wiser and will put in the required training.

The first week of Marathon training was pretty easy to be fair.  The long run doesn’t really get long for a while on the plan, as I was already running 10 miles plus at the end of last year.

I ended 2013 with a lovely 8 miler over the Downs to the Chattri Memorial with Jay, followed by Clair parkrun on Saturday and 15.5 miles around the local area with the Burgess Hill Runners group on Sunday.

chattriFor me running was always a solo activity.  It was me time.  Time for me to listen to music and get my head into gear.  This was the first time I had been out with the BHR group.  It is a group of mixed abilities and the faster runners doubling back every so often to keep the group together.  The miles seem to fly by when you have the chance to chat and take your mind off looking at the watch.



It is also great to get out at the weekend.  I really hate running in the dark.  You are limited as to where you can go and you cannot go off road.  Midweek runs are limited to the pavements around home and the first full week of Marathon training was completed with 5 steady miles on Tuesday, 6 and a half tough miles at BHR track night and a slow 3 mile plod on Friday night.

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