A sudden change of plan

There was a quick change of plan this week.  My mobile phone was constantly buzzing for about an hour on Friday night, which usually means that my name has been mentioned on social media and comments are flying in about it.

Next day when I read through, I found out that there was a spare place on the Dark Star Marathon (28 miles up and down the River Adur), and my name had been suggested as a possible candidate to take up the challenge.

This was not in the plan. I had only planned to do the Brighton Marathon.  The Steyning Stinger Marathon then got shoe horned in a few weeks before Brighton and now this carrot was dangling.  It was only a week away.

The idea of going further than marathon distance had always been attractive, so sod it, I said yes.

Sunday was supposed to be long slow run day.  It now turned into very long slow run day.  Nick and I ran over to Burgess Hill to meet up with the club group, we did about 11 miles with them and then I added another 5 miles onto that to make 20 miles.  I really wanted to prove to myself that I could make 28 miles by completing 20 mile the week before.  That was the confidence boost I needed and I did it.

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