Not sure if I’m coming or going

It does seem a bit wierd at the moment. I’m not really sure if I’m coming or going.

I seem to be tapering for one event, training for different one, recovering from another all at once.

I’m not sure that this was the best way forward to attack the Brighton Marathin in 6 weeks time, but we’ll see.

This week seemed to feel like I had the Brighton Half in my legs for most of it.  I don’t think that I was alone.  Quite a few people seemed to be posting that they’ve struggled as well.

I did a couple of slow runs during the week and then 13 miles on Saturday.  The 13 miles at almost 30 minutes slower than the Brighton Half seemed so much tougher.  OK, it was undulating and there was a horrid head wind for half of it, but even so.

I guess that you have to accept these bad ones and forget about them.  I did the sensible thing today and got out and did a short few miles and really enjoyed it.

So I guess that this week will be taper week for the Steyning Stinger Marathon.  Not what’s on the Brighton Marathon training plan, but there you go.

I’m really excited about Steyning. It’s another day out, an adventure, taking in the Sussex countryside and 26 miles of hilly off road. It’s an adventure in the same way that the Dark Star Marathon was an adventure.  I’m probably going to be on my own for quite a lot of it, the field is not that big and it’s one of those events that you have no idea what to expect (apart from the input for the club members who have done it before).

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