BHR Awards Night

We had the Burgess Hill Runners award night last week, which was coupled with the AGM.

This is the first time that I have won anything for some time, probably around 15 years I would say.  I actually came home with 2 awards.

For actual running I won my age category (V2) for the club championship, which is really nice. I have never won an award for running, apart from finishing medals. It will probably be my last for a while as well.

The proudest moment that I have had for some time was receiving the club Social Award.  This is in recognition of the work that I have put into the launch of parkrun.  Nick and I have really put our heart and soul into parkrun over the past year.  We have put a lot of work into it and I must say that every minute has been well worth it.

I’m so proud to have received recognition from the club and the people that I respect.  I’m pictured below with Andrew (the standing down club chairman).


The awards night is great, as it gives recognition to the very talented runners, the not-so-talented and the really hard workers out there.

The biggest cheer of the night was definitely for the Improvers award.  That’s how BHR works. It really does work for people of all abilities.

It was great to see Bryony receive recognition for the tremendous amount of work that she has put into the BHR Junior Academy.  It is such an impressive acheivement to have established the academy in such a short period of time.  I guess that the academy has become a part of Bryony’s life in exactly the same way that parkrun has become part of ours.

The Chairman’s Award went to Sue Baillie, who has done so much work for the club over recent years, along with chairman Andrew, her husband.  She was instrumental in getting Clubmark for the club and I can’t even begin to imagine how much work must have gone into that.

It was really great that Kevin was recognised for the work that he puts into the pub runs.  During the summer we meet on Friday nights at random pubs in Sussex, run for 6 miles or so and then have some food.  It’s a great part of the social life with BHR and Kevin puts a huge amount of work into it.

All in all, a cracking night and looking forward to 2014/15 with BHR.

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