Weald Marathon and Ultra

This week has been a bit of a recovery week after the Green Belt Relay.

I ran the Trundle Hill 10k on Wednesday as part of the West Sussex Fun Run League. This type of race isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I loved it. It’s pretty much 3 miles up and 3 miles down with the odd flattish bit added in.

This is one of the flattish bits


This is one of the midweek races that is difficult to get to after work, so I just wanted to turn up and score some points for the team.

It turns out that I ran pretty well.  The course is just over 10k and I went round in just over 54 minutes.  There’s a competitor in there that won’t let me ‘just take part’.

10362574_10152188783877983_3873742148220295954_nI managed to muster a half decent finish as well.

1798591_10152188797882983_5328042181750729330_nSo it was a volunteering and supporting weekend really.  Clair parkrun on Saturday (116 runners, keeping up our 100+ streak) and then to support friends on the Weald Marathon and Ultra.

This event is a half marathon, full marathon and 50km Ultra.  It takes in a long section of the Vanguard Way.

10262160_10152135892788870_5615551402701127217_nIt’s lovely.  It’s a tough one, on trails and there is still quite a bit of mud out there.

10373834_10152135911778870_1410388809736187525_n10403240_10152136058093870_8404685102683323312_nWe ended up running about 12 miles accompanying Jay and Caz on their first ever marathon.

1966843_10152136049083870_3420061827188769755_nThis event is definitely on the calendar for next year.

Another nail in the coffin of doing another road marathon.

Not only did we get to run a section of the course, but while waiting for the BHR runners to come in, we got some timely and sage advice from Coach Lavis, our Ultra specialist.

It’s 20 weeks until the Downslink Ultra.  I need a training plan with no races added in for no reason.  This is now the only goal and everything else must be done with that in mind.

So today has been spent researching a training plan, which I have got to the bottom of.  There’s going to be a lot of long Saturday and Sunday runs over the next 4 months, starting from now…….

Have fun and take care.  Happy running.


4 thoughts on “Weald Marathon and Ultra

    • We’re very lucky with our Fun Run League. They’re always great settings in the countryside.

      If only the aeroplane made me go quicker eh?

      I must read your NDW50 report very soon as well. I looks totally crazy.

      Take care.

      • It was shocking haha!! Amazing!! Still can’t believe I did it! Wow! Kind of feeling.

        I’m plotting my own ultra where I live so I can practice for next year. 45 seconds to spare was cutting it a bit close haha!!

  1. I read it this lunch time. It can feel your pain from reading it. I find it a little sad that going over the cut off time means that you don’t get a medal. It’s a long way to go to not get a medal.

    It is an amazing achievement. I’m not sure I’m up for 50 miles. I guess we’ll know a little more after the Downslink in October.

    Is see that you used one of Jon Lavis’ photos from the NDW50 on your blog. Do you know Jan and Jon? I run at the same club as they do.

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