Mel’s Milers 10k 2015

The Mel’s Milers 10k is a quick flattish race that starts in Christ’s Hospital School near Horsham, heads south on the Downslink path to Southwater and then retraces it’s steps back to the school where you finish in the quadrangle of this very impressive venue.

Everything about this race is spot on.  The registration area is very well organised and there are no queues.  The marshals are excellent.  It’s a perfect opportunity for a PB, as there are only a couple of slightly undulating sections.

I don’t run too many 10k’s and as this falls so close to the Brighton and London Marathons, it doesn’t figure in my plans that often.  I had set my PB here 2 years ago, so this was the perfect chance to shave a chunk off that PB, which was too high in all honesty (48.44).

I have been going really well, setting new bests on a really regular basis.

However, I did seem to try to sabotage this race as much as I could.  I don’t get to see too many gigs nowadays and when the chance came up to see Courtney Barnett in Brighton on Friday night, I took it, along with the chance to have a few beers (and the night of broken sleep that follows a few beers).

Goblin, one of our cats has been ill for some time now and we realise that she’s not got long left with us.  She was diagnosed as hyperthyroid a while back and was recently diagnosed as diabetic.  She’s eating less and less at the moment and this was certainly the case on Friday and Saturday.  We popped into the vets on Saturday (without the cat) to ask advice.  The vet seems to think that her kidneys are slowing down and we know that the end is getting close.


There’s not much point of sitting at home waiting for something to happen, so we headed off to VegFest in Brighton.  This is a festival to celebrate all things vegetarian, vegan and animal rights related.  We’d been looking forward to it for ages, so off we went.  Already feeling pretty emotional about Goblin, seeing all of the animal protection charities and the great work they do was a little too much and it was a struggle to hold back the tears at times.  What a soppy old git.

The festival was great and it was really nice to share the experience with lots of like-minded people.  The food hall was great as well and most importantly absolutely everything was cruelty free.

22207_10152777190908870_3929615032450512022_n 1900170_10152777190998870_177223170318051341_n 11066563_10152777191413870_4329300726151461962_n 11081478_10152777191198870_5276539912513707308_n 11091340_10152777191108870_3844644096499713276_n

Anyway, I digress little.  What I’m trying to say is that Saturday was draining.  I managed not to eat properly and I had a couple of vegan beers as well.

What I’m saying is that my prep was not good.  I’d trained to a standard where test runs were telling me that I’d go sub 47.

It all started off well and I was strong and on target.  Then I started the 7th kilometre and my mind wondered, I managed to upset myself mid run and that was it.  My times for the 7th, 8th and 9th kilometres were rubbish.  I got myself back on track and the last kilometre was my 3rd quickest.

I got over the line and burst into tears.  I can be fragile at times.  Recent history tells me that this is the case, but I didn’t expect to be this affected like this by Goblin becoming ill.

So it was a PB.  At 47.31 it was a big one as well.  It wasn’t what I’d wanted.  I know that I can go sub 47 and will have to find another flat 10k soon to prove that to myself.

I do feel disappointed that I let things get to me and that I didn’t do what I wanted, but there you go.

We got home to find Goblin to be a little happier.  We have reduced the dose of insulin, which may help apparently.  She went outside for a while and was desperate to spend time with Nick and I.  I guess that it’s just a case of spending as much quality time with her as we can.  There’ll be plenty more 10k’s and I will go sub 47.

This event is really good.  It’s a top race.  It’s pretty intimate.  Only 300-ish runners, so no messing around with queues for the toilet or parking and it is set in a lovely location.

Do it, do it, do it. You’ll love it.

Take care, Neil.


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