The Brighton Marathon (or a small part of it)

So it really couldn’t have been much worse.  I started a race that I shouldn’t have started and pulled out way before half way.

Stupid f*cking stomach.  It has plagued me throughout my training and it decided to pay me a return visit on the Thursday before the race.  The issue that I have had for about 12 years that doctors have been unable to diagnose is becoming too frequent.

This was supposed to be a special marathon weekend.  Not because I wanted to go for 4 hours, but because my best mate was taking part in memory of his Mum and all of his family were coming down, many of whom I haven’t seen for years.

I started to get stomach issues on Thursday night, they got worse on Friday and I was getting proper stabbing pains on Saturday.

I got up early on race day, put my kit on and went for a run up the road to test it out.  It was painful and I knew I shouldn’t start the race.  So I went back indoors.  ‘How is it?’ I’m asked.  ‘It’ll be fine’ I reply.  Obviously I knew that it wouldn’t be, but I had to start.  I couldn’t let my mate down.

So, we head down to Brighton using the back up plan as the trains were screwed.

We lined up in Preston Park in the 3.30 – 4 hour group and we set off.  For me it was like running with a heavy stitch from the start.  The crowds took my mind of it to be honest.  The people of Brighton did the event proud.  They were out in their 1000’s and I really enjoyed the first 5 miles.


Then it went belly up on the way out to Ovingdean.  Stomach started to hurt more.  The stitch became more like a stab.  I wanted to drop and make my way back to the finish, but didn’t want to cross the road and turn around, as people might have thought that I was cheating.  So I went to the turn around point at Ovingdean and then slowly made my way back to the finish line to get my clothes and warm myself up.

The plus side – getting to see this man cross the line.  This is the only important thing really.  I will ride another day and this will push me to get a proper diagnosis of the problem I have.  He got the cross the line, thinking of his Mum and this will always stand as a tribute to her.


This was supposed to be my last Brighton Marathon.  That’s the other annoying thing.  I didn’t get the chance to have a proper crack at 4 hours.  Maybe in a couple of years.

I now need to get over this disappointment and put my trainers back on when I feel I can run pain free again.

There are some big events coming up.  My first 50 miler is in July.  I need to be fit and, more importantly, healthy.  This is going to spur me on to get myself better for the Endure 50.

A bit down, but definitely not out.