About me

I’ve always been a bit of a runner. I enjoyed it at school, but team sports always took preference.

When my football days came to an end I started running more and more.  I have now completed 45 marathons or Ultras and many more half marathons.

I completed my first 100 mile race in June 2017.

In 2011 I joined Burgess Hill Runners and running took on a whole new meaning.  Suddenly I was part of a team again and I had the support of a great club.

I could enjoy the solitude of running alone as well as the camaraderie of running and training as part of a team.

In July 2013 I helped to launch parkrun in Clair Park in Haywards Heath.  I was Event Director until December 2015 and I am very passionate about parkrun, the ethos and encouraging less able participants to enjoy getting fit.

I completed the LiRF (Leader in Running Fitness) in the summer of 2014 and now regularly lead sessions with Burgess Hill Runners.

Hope you enjoy my thoughts and race reviews and I hope that running is as good to you as it has been to me.


Me and my medal


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hey I’d love to hear about your event-directing experiences! I directed a triathlon once and it totally changed my perspective on racing. Also… Go Plants!

    • Go Plants indeed. I have had nothing but positive experiences with event-directing. We have a great team who really get on and the moans about our event have been very few and far between. I have found that event directing has helped me to confront some of the confidence issues that I had as well, which has had an extremely beneficial effect on me. Event directing at parkrun does come with advantages over chargeable events, as we are totally volunteer lead, so if anything goes wrong, that’s just one of those things 🙂

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