Other runners and club blogs / websites

Shawn Timmons Ultra Runner – lots of great reviews of marathons and ultras in Sussex and elsewhere
Sarah’s Travels and Races Blog – stories of crazy races, including desert crossings.
Sussex Trail Events – organisers of many top quality trail events in Sussex
Burgess Hill Runners – the best running club in the world

Interesting articles/sites on not eating meat/dairy products and the reasons for being veggie/vegan

Jamie Lee Curtis Taete in Vice on vegans not being pretentious
An interview with Moby on why he is vegan
The Free Range Egg Con

Vegetarian Information

No Meat Athelte
Veggie Runners
Vegan Runners
Guardian feature on Vegan Runners
The Running Bug on Veggie/Vegan Running
Top 50 Vegan Blogs
Vegetarian Living website
The Kitchn – vegetarian and vegan recipes
Oh My Veggies – recipes
Forks over Knives
Love and Lemons – recipe index





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